approach & orientation

I fundamentally believe that our core trauma is severed belonging - from one another, from the Earth, and from ourselves. This happens through trauma, loss, and living within oppressive social, cultural, and economic systems. Through my work, I hope to create a container for you to explore what it means to remember this belonging and return to a meaningful connection with all life.

My work is grounded in anti-racismdecolonization, and social and environmental justice. I believe the structures that systematically perpetuate colonization and white, cis, heteropatriarchy have severed our belonging from the Earth. Because of this, decolonizing our minds, holding ourselves responsible, and caring for ourselves are radical acts.

I use a deeply relational and strengths-based approach. This means that our relationship is of primary importance in the therapeutic process. It also means that I believe you have many inherent strengths, some of which are born from your most difficult experiences. I hold your story as a sacred privilege to hear and be part of and I treat you with unconditional positive regard.


My practice is guided by transpersonal and humanistic psychology. Transpersonal psychology incorporates the spiritual and transcendent elements of the human experience, and humanistic psychology acknowledges that you are the expert on said experience and hold all of the "answers" you're seeking. Our work together allows those answers to come to the surface.


I specialize in:​​

⋗ ecotherapy

⋗ mindfulness

⋗ Brainspotting

⋗ somatic therapy

⋗ trauma-informed practice

⋗ attachment work

⋗ art therapy


⋗ grief and death work